From 1968 to Present

Known as an innovative company in the furniture industry in Turkey, RYO Home was founded in 1968 in the Cevizli district of Istanbul. We have been serving our valued customers since 2001 in Kadıköy – Moda / Bakırköy-Zuhuratbaba / Bakırköy-İncirli, Nişantaşı and finally İkitelli-MASKO, respectively.

Our brand has never made any concessions from its production since the day it was founded, as it constantly prioritizes quality.

It has been continuing its production for 50 years with its product range (Italian and American, Modern, Avangarde, Art-Deco, Neo-Classical and Luxury) style according to the conditions of the day and brings them together with our valued customers.

Our brand is also at home and abroad (Serbia, Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kosovo and all Balkan and western countries, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Gulf Arab Countries, Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania) has signed great projects in their countries.

At the same time, it is the supplier of many elite stores in the country and abroad with the products it produces. All of the products we produce are not fabricated, most of them are hand-made products.

Our next goal is; It is to sign many successful projects together with elite stores and expert architects who want to reveal and present aesthetics and elegance at the same time, while increasing our quality that we have not compromised until today.

We believe that the only address where power, aesthetics and quality are integrated with reality and meet with determination and determination.
RYO Home.